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QWA05 pro : The 3-in-1 Gimbal Stabilizer provides everything you need

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Do you need to make an amazing vlog?

You need a gimbal stabilizer, a backup light, good camera movement and good content.

Not anymore with our QWA05 Pro A gimbal stabilizer can help you solve these three problems! !

  • Anti-shake and stable shooting
  • Remote control, creative shooting

The QWA05 pro is powerful and equipped with a wireless remote control that allows the cell phone to rotate 360 degrees and film like Inception.

  • Anti-shake and stable shooting

QWA05 pro is a single axis gimbal stabilizer with good stability. No matter how you turn it in the vertical plane, the phone can be stabilized in one place, without worrying about the sports shooting!

  • Remote control, creative shooting

The equipped wireless remote control can be connected to the cell phone via Bluetooth. The distance of the remote control is 10m. It is detachable and can free your hands in tripod mode.

  • Detachable flash

QWA05 pro has innovatively equipped the 1-axis gimbal stabilizer with a fill light that is even detachable, allowing the photographer to place the fill light in the front or back depending on their needs.

  • 3 colors and 9 levels

The accent light has 3 types of lights that can be adjusted: white light, warm light and natural light. Each type of light has 3 speeds - low, medium and high. A total of 9 (3*3) levels can be adjusted.

  • Flash mode

In addition, the fill light also has a flash function. After setting the desired light, you can double-click the fill light switch to start the flash mode.

You don't know how to film? The APP will help you!

  • Rich models

Don't worry about not being able to shoot great videos. The QWA05 Pro APP contains many built-in templates. Easy to use, follow the instructions to generate your own creative blockbuster!


  • More creative shooting features

In addition to applying templates, the QWA05 pro also has many creative shooting features, such as Hitchcock, time-lapse shooting, gesture control, slow motion and other functions, which greatly enrich your shooting experience.

  •  Mini & Portatif

QWA05 pro is foldable, small in size and lightweight. So there is no burden to take a simple vlog on the way out!

  • Selfie Pole

There is a gimbal selfie pole switch button on the side. When switched to selfie pole mode, the gimbal will not move.

  • Tripod

The handle of the QWA05 pro can be switched to tripod mode and the retractable aluminum rod is 695mm long, which can meet your shooting needs.




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