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Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder

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Sheepi has great appeal, not only to everything made of metal, but also to human beings.

When they see Sheepi, they want to touch it or add something to its body. The more paper clips, keys and coins you attach to his body, the more winter fur appears. It’s funny to see the sheep grow and shrink, like feeding a pet. Every Sheepi will look different, depending on what and how much you stick to it. Imagine playing the game ‘Who can stick the most items on Sheepi’. Fun gift for anybody, also as a Christmas gift or as a corporate gift.

Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder header image

  • Desk organizer

Whether it is at the office or at home, you can organize your desk by sticking metal items onto Sheepi.

Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder Desk organizer

  • Transforming

From a fresh cut sheep to a sheep with a thick winter fur: Sheepi changes over time, like a real sheep.

Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder Transforming

  • Birthday gift and corporate gift

Everybody will be happy with this cute and handy sheep.

Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder Birthday gift and corporate gift

  • Ready to unpack

See Sheepi right through the transparent front of this package. Ready to fill up your desk with a little bit extra joy while working.

Sheepi Magnetic Paperclip Holder Ready to unpack


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