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Unisex Classic Stretch Belt

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This high quality cow leather belt is innovative due to the stretch band that makes it more comfortable to wear at any occasion.

Whether you're cycling, eating or any other activity, this belt moves with you. No more irritation because of a belt that is too tight. The adjustment system that loosens and tightens the belt offers many more sizes than the common belt with just a few holes. This way you have far more possibilities to adjust your belt without having to make new holes. The buckle can also be used as a bottle opener.

  • Comfort fit

The integrated elastic band stretches to adjust to your body shape for superior comfort and fit.

  • Easy to adjust

Adjust the belt with ease and convenience due to the unique adjustment system. You can adjust the belt to an accuracy of half a centimeter, which is not possible with a traditional belt.

  • Suit your style

Switch between the buckle styles and leather colors to suit all styles and occasions.

  • Also a bottle opener

It’s not just a belt, the buckle can also open bottles!

Product information

  • (Main) Material : Belt: Genuine leather

  • Features : Bottle opener

  • Wearing style : Ratchet belt without holes

  • Buckle style : Frame

  • Length : 125-127.5cm (stretch)

  • Width : 3.2cm


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